A.S. Brand has always been synonymous to manufacturing the best quality products. Our extensive research to formulate the essential Health Guide and an understanding of the much needed healthy lifestyle.

A.S.Brand Hulled Gingelly Oil

Best produce of sesame seeds, roasted husk free for a traditional cold press chemical free extraction in a hygienic germ free environment results in ‘A.S. Brand Hulled Gingelly Oil’, the healthiest sesame oil. Season, marinate, cook or bake, whatever your preferred mode of cooking is, A.S. Brand Hulled Gingelly Oil adds a naturally fragrant aroma and infuses the essence of health in your favourite food.

Mansion Gingelly Oil

MANSION BRAND Gingelly Oil is manufactured using high quality raw Gingelly seeds to preserve its natural taste and nutrition. Gingelly seeds of optimum quality are selected for the purpose of transforming it into splendid radiant MANSION BRAND Gingelly Oil.As the oil is produced by crushing natural Gingelly seeds, it is beneficial for high blood pressure and cholesterol level also remains normal. Over the years, MANSION Brand Gingelly Oil has gained the confidence and loyalty of our customers for its naturally inherited nutritional values.

Pooja Gingelly Oil

A sense of divinity radiates, as the lamps’ wicks soaked in "Pooja Gingelly Oil" ever-glow in the devotion of our Lord eliminating obstacles, difficulties and negativity altogether, spreading positive and vibrant spiritual energy across our homes. Also known as the ‘til oil’ used for lighting lamps, Pooja Gingelly Oil is available at a very affordable price.

Rice Gold Refined Rice Bran Oil

Now you can binge on your favourite deep fried golden crispy snacks without guilt tripping your health conscience thanks to ‘Rice Gold Rice Bran Oil’. Traditionally processed to preserve all the rich nutrients, Rice Gold Rice Bran Oil with Gamma Oryzanol and less viscosity helps reduce cholesterol through low oil absorption and less calorie count.

Sajeeva Refined Gingelly Oil

Refined Gingelly Oil of the highest purity is now available with brand name "SAJEEVA" - refined Gingelly. SAJEEVA Refined Gingelly Oil is high quality oil without sacrifice of the excellent nutritional oil profile of Gingelly oil. SAJEEVA Refined Gingelly oil is a source of Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant and has been correlated with lowering cholesterol levels. SAJEEVA Refined Gingelly oil has a property of light viscosity allows less oil to be absorbed in cooking, thereby it ensures lesser amount of calories intake.

A.S.Brand Groundnut Oil

Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendiAs the name itself suggests ‘A.S. Brand Groundnut Oil’ is processed from groundnuts, handpicked from the best quality and double filtered for that wholesome, fresh aroma that is naturally good for health.

A.S.Brand Hulled Gingelly Seeds

Processed using the latest technology, ‘A.S. Brand Hulled Sesame Seeds’ retain all their rich intrinsic nutrients, acquire enhanced taste and even retain colour throughout every wholesome morsel. Cleaned in a hygienic, germ and chemical free environment, the seeds are hulled, dried and colour sorted to pack only the best grade whole seeds. These hulled sesame seeds are perfect for making healthy and flavoursome breads, burgers, sauces, cereals, crackers, spreads, drinks, granola, candies, soups, chutneys and various other bakery & confectionary products.