Farm to Kitchen

Farm to Kitchen

AS Brand, oils are made from selected Sesame seeds chosen with care from the farmers of the coastal region. The selected crop will be monitored by well-known experts to get the best quality yield throughout the farming period.

The yielded seed will be removed from the crop using automated tools and the oil extraction and packing will also be taken care of by the experts and the entire process will be done with 100% fully automated machines to ensure proper hygiene. The packets and tins which were used to fill the oil were protected in a closed environment so that any bacteria or dust can reach them. They were completely wrapped with plastic films or coagulated cardboard boxes for safe transport.


How do we collect seeds from farms?

  • Usually, we take care of the farm from which we are picking the yield. We have industry experts who were good at designing farm patterns so that we can produce quality seed without using any chemicals.
  • Our techniques were nowhere used and the seed which we produce is 100% organic.
  • Based on the quality of the yield produced, we divide them for various purposes. The first quality graded seeds will be used for the extraction of oil.

How do we extract oil from seed?

  • After collecting the seed, we will remove the dark layer on the seed using the automated machinery which is located in our farm.
  • Once the layers were removed, all that seeds will be processed in to the grinders where the oil will be extracted.
  • The collected oil from the grinders will be sent to huge oil containers where the filtration takes place.
  • We will double filter the oils in separate stages, and it will be stored in separate storage tanks.

How do we test the grading of oil?

  • Once the double-filtered was stored in the tanks we take multiple samples, and we will send them to our highly sophisticated labs where the grading will be done.
  • We have several panels for the quality check which will help to bring the good quality of sesame oil.
  • We don’t compromise on taste and nutrition benefits, we want our end customer to be satisfied with what he got.

How do we pack the Oil?

  • Our packaging system is a fully automated machines. We ensure cleanliness and good hygiene throughout the process.
  • Carefully selected packaging materials ensure that the oil is protected from light, oxygen and heat. Our consumer products team also ensures that the packaging is user-friendly.
  • The tins are subsequently protected with a plastic film or corrugated cardboard boxes for safe transport.

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