From the Farm

We use fresh and organic seeds directly from the farms to extract the oil.

100% Pure

We extract oil directly from the seeds without adding any chemicals.

Chemical Free Oil

Pure and chemical-free filtered oils to meet your healthy lifestyle.

Double- Filtered

Extracting oil in a Double- Filtered way will keep the nutrition intact.



While going beyond in delivering health to you, A.S. Brand also opens up a whole new world of exquisite taste and limitless cooking possibilities. Each of our variants has been optimized to exhilarate your palate with an underlying promise of delivering nutrition that is real.

Why A.S Brand Oils?

Commitment to Quality

A.S. Brand has always been synonymous with manufacturing the best quality products. Our extensive research to formulate the essential Health Guide and an understanding of the much-needed healthy lifestyle choices for today’s world has driven us to deliver impeccable quality across our product range.

Sourcing the best seasonal produce from across the country, handpicking every raw material, thorough inspection via stringent quality checks and an optimum fusion of natural & industrial processes in extracting oil consistently ensures the best aroma and flavor without compromising the Nutritional Value.

Health Guide

There is a well-known misnomer about cooking oils rampantly spreading around the world that oily fatty food is really bad for health and must be avoided at all costs. This has created a bad lifestyle choice among many. Fat comes in various forms and some forms of fat are essential in the form of daily intake among human beings.

Research in the early 1950s about fat being associated with heart disease and an alarming rate of deaths being linked to bad food habits came to light. People tried to make drastic changes in their dietary habits by adhering to a low or no-fat diet, consuming food with low-fat content. This propagated the appearance of diet books, low-fat products on the FMCG Shelves.


To create a healthy and prosperous future for the generations to come and to share our knowledge about double-filtered oil with people around the globe, for a better tomorrow. To serve hygiene, purity & Quality oil for good health.


Deliver satisfaction, quality assurance, and hygiene to our consumers using the Traditional oil extraction process. Offer a work environment that inspires trust and loyalty in people. Engage in continuous efforts to explore new horizons in our business.

Our Products

Image 1

A.S. Brand Hulled Gingelly Oil

A.S. Brand Hulled Gingelly Oil adds a naturally fragrant aroma and infuses the essence of health in your favorite food.

Image 2

Mansion Gingelly Oil

MANSION BRAND Gingelly Oil is manufactured using high quality raw Gingelly seeds to preserve its natural taste and nutrition.

Image 3

A.S. Brand Groundnut Oil

A.S. Brand Groundnut Oil is processed from groundnuts, handpicked from the best quality, and double filtered for that wholesome

Pooja Brand Pure Gingelly Oil

Image 5 V1

A.S. Brand Hulled Gingelly Seeds

A.S. Brand Hulled Sesame Seeds retain all their rich intrinsic nutrients, acquire enhanced taste and even retain color throughout every wholesome morsel.

A.S.Brand Premium Chilli Powder

A.S.Brand Premium Chilli Powder is sourced from Finest, Handpicked & Flavorful chilles of Guntur. Adds a delightful kick to any dish, whether you’re preparing a Pickles, spicy curry, a zesty marinade, or a fiery salsa. It is free from artificial colors, additives, and preservatives, allowing you to savor the pure and authentic taste of chillies in every sprinkle.

Sree Divya Sugandha Deeparadhana oil

Sree Divya Sugandha Deeparadhana oil is a blend of 5 oils also known as pancha thailam with Jasmine fragrance.

Aaswad Chilli Powder

Aaswad Curry Masala Powder

We are Delivering All Over India

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